An Unforgettable Experience at Intuit: Empowering Women and Customizing Delightful Moments

An Unforgettable Experience at Intuit: Empowering Women and Customizing Delightful Moments

Megna Jain smiling at the camera at a Corporate To Go Order at Intuit. Best Gift Hampers. Small Business.

Picture a bustling corporate environment, filled with anticipation and excitement. That's where our woman-led small business, Dream a Dozen, found itself as we embarked on an exhilarating journey at Intuit. In just two days, we had the huge task of fulfilling numerous grab-and-go orders while ensuring that each one was customized to perfection. It was a challenge we eagerly embraced, knowing that our efforts would not only bring joy to others but also empower ourselves and the women we temporarily employed. We knew the stakes were high for this order, but we always wanted to make every customer's experience unforgettable. Here are some things we did during this experience that we are incredibly proud of!

Providing Employment Opportunities for Women

Temporary Women Workers Helping Around with Our Stall at Intuit

Since we only had two days to close this massive order, we needed more hands on the team. But we didn’t want just any hands. We only wanted the best! All of us know that there’s no one better than mothers and aunties at motivating you to work harder and faster. So, through connections and recommendations, we managed to assemble a temporary workforce of incredible women who joined us for ten hours of dedicated work. 

It was heartwarming to witness the transformation that unfolded within our team. As they donned their aprons and immersed themselves in the tasks at hand, a sense of empowerment radiated from everyone. Since our team has already worked with some of them, our familiarity helped in getting them acquainted with the requirements faster. Our chosen products for the order this time, like luxury dates and gourmet chocolates,  did not require a lot of baking skills. This helped us to quickly meet the requirements while joking around, humming old tunes, and generally feeling a sense of fulfillment as we worked with our temporary team, who were full of enthusiasm. When we asked them if they would be willing to help us out again sometime, it felt that their bright smiling faces was worth all the hustling and hard work during the past two days. 

Customizing Experiences, One Box at a Time

Customizable Corporate Orders. Corporate To Go Order at Intuit. Best Gift Hampers. Small Business. Women Owned and Women Led

Personalization is at the heart of what we do here at Dream a Dozen. We feel that each gifting moment is an opportunity to create a lasting impression, and our collaboration with Intuit was no exception. They sought a tailored experience, and we were more than ready to deliver. From gourmet chocolates to cookie pouches, brownie boxes and luxury dates, we meticulously curated an assortment of delectable treats. 

Intuit hosted this event to highlight and promote small businesses, so just like everyone there, we went to showcase the uniqueness of a small business—personalization to the tee. Every box on the stall was thoughtfully customized and packed, adorned with the Intuit logo and designed with their brand's colors and aesthetics. We wanted each recipient to feel a connection to their company, to know that their gift was not just any generic item but a carefully chosen token of appreciation they wanted their employees to receive. Thus, we felt immensely grateful to Intuit for providing us with this opportunity to help them appreciate their employees while being able to tell our story to more people and seeing their delighted faces after tasting desserts. 

Empowering Women Through Every Order

Stall Display. All Women Team and Kitchen. Corporate Orders. Customizable Gift Hampers. Small Business. Start Ups

Being an all-women kitchen, we knew that women chefs in India account for only 3% of commercial kitchens, and we aimed to change that narrative. Our small business was not just about providing exceptional customized products; it was about creating a platform for women to cultivate and showcase their culinary talents and break barriers. That is why we proudly tell everyone that we are an all-women kitchen. 

By choosing us, we wanted to let our customers know that they were not only treating themselves or their recipients to delicious treats but also supporting the empowerment of women and contributing to their wages. It was an opportunity to be a part of a larger movement, to challenge gender norms and champion equality that is long due in the culinary world. We sincerely believe that our pop-up stall experience this time was a manifestation of everything we had been working towards in the past five years. 

A Promise to Corporate Collaborations

Customizable Corporate Orders. Corporate To Go Order at Intuit. Best Gift Hampers. Small Business. Women Owned and Women Led

The success we achieved at our stall was a result of our hard work and hustling. We took 2 days to produce & pack the delights, about 2 hours to drive to the venue and a total of 45 minutes to set up the stall, and yet, it did not even take 10 minutes for us to sell out! This exhilarating sensation just ignited our enthusiasm for future collaborations with other corporate companies. We realized that our ability to customize boxes, logos, cards, and more could cater to the diverse needs of other organizations in engaging and appreciating their employees. Whether it's custom sleeves, branded packaging, or personalized messages, we are always prepared to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. Moreover, our hampers have a long shelf-life and can be shipped PAN India. So, if you’re someone who shares the same passion as us and wishes to appreciate your colleagues and employees, whether in person or through courier, get in touch with us at +91 99028 51263 or! Let's create personalized moments that leave a lasting impression together!

Moreover, as an all-women kitchen, we have always been passionate about empowering women and creating a more inclusive culinary industry. Our experience at the stall this time reinforced our belief in the power of customization and the value of celebrating uniqueness. We have seen firsthand how some minute personalized touches, such as custom logos, cards inside the box, and carefully chosen box colors, can create a truly unforgettable experience. We are confident that we can bring the same level of dedication and customization to any other corporate event or gifting requirement.

So, if you're someone who calls the shots in a corporation in Bengaluru, we invite you to join hands with us. Let's create magical moments, support women empowerment, and make a difference together. Contact us at +91 99028 51263 or mail us at to explore how we can turn your gifting vision into reality. 

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