Baking Workshops

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P.S. Our workshops are not just about frosting and having fun, but also about building connections, fostering creativity, and inspiring your employees to de-stress and try new things. By participating in our workshops, you'll discover your artistic side, and maybe even make some new friends along the way. So, don't wait any longer. Give us a call now at +91 99028 51263 and book your spot today!

Pop-up Stalls

Let us sweeten up your work days by setting up pop-ups stocked with our eggless bestsellers like mini-chocolate brownies, mini pizzas, death by chocolate cake jars, red velvet cupcakes, sustainable gift boxes and more.

Sweeten Your Workdays

Employee Engagement for Corporates

Invite a Guest Speaker

Meet Megna Jain, the powerhouse behind Dream a Dozen's delightful creations! Beyond her business endeavours, Megna has been a TEDx speaker, who used her platform to inspire more individuals, particularly women, to embrace entrepreneurship. She has addressed over 700 high-level executives from ALL across India at MFDAK and has also conducted a virtual branding class for executive education at IIM Indore!

In her talks, she generously shares her insights and experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs, students, and audiences at various companies, schools, and top universities like CHRIST and JAIN University, Bangalore.

If you’re looking to motivate your audience and increase productivity, book her as a guest speaker today.