About Our Products

Which cake do you recommend the most?

Our Charming Chocolate Truffle is the most popularly bought cake. It's rich with chocolate sponge layered with dark chocolate ganache for the best kind of chocolatey goodness! If you want to go for something non-chocolatey, our Butterscotch Up a Notch cake is a great option :)

Do you use egg in your cakes? 

No! All our desserts are completely eggless. 

Do you add nuts in your cakes? 

Yes, some of our cakes are nut-themed and so are some brownies. We do have lots of non-nut products as well! Make sure to choose what you prefer, accordingly. 

Do you use fondant in your cakes or cupcakes? 

Absolutely not. We work with only cream and chocolate for finishes and figurines. Our products are completely non-fondant. 

Do you make customized cakes? 

Absolutely yes. Call/WhatsApp us on +91 8861739269 to tell us your customization requirements!

Do you customize products other than cakes? 

Yes. We customize cakesicles and cupcakes as well. WhatsApp us on +91 8861739269 for more details :)

Do you make vegan cakes? 

Yes, you can choose the vegan option in most of our cakes!

Do you make wedding cakes? 

Yes, we do! Call/WhatsApp us on +91 8861739269 to tell us your requirements. We also do wedding favors/return gifts for wedding guests. 

Do you make cakes with a flavor outside of your menu? 

No. We have the most popularly sought-after flavors on our menu. We keep bringing in new flavors every few months. 

We’re having 100 guests for our event. How many kg's of cake do we need?

We recommend about 6-8kg but this is highly dependent on the size of the cake you’re looking for and the number of other sweet treats in your buffet!

What's the base for your cakes?

We typically use whipped cream or ganache. If you're looking for something else, please mention it to us on WhatsApp/call on +91 8861739269.

Which cake is deliverable quickly?

Our Devil's Food Cake! Moist naked chocolate sponges layered with rich chocolate ganache and topped with extra ganache and choco-chips, this cake is available for pickup within half an hour. 

Which cake do you recommend for elders?

Carrot Cinnamon Cake. It's quite a classic - moist sponge and minimal amount of cream!

Do you have sugar-free cakes? 

Yes! We have the Sugarfree Wonder, a date-based cake. 

Do you use food coloring? 

We use only permissible food coloring. However, we recommend that you do not opt for very dark colors like red as it tends to stain the hands and mouth.

Can you use flowers in my cake?

Yes, we can! Reach out to us at +91 88617 39269 on WhatsApp and we'll find a way to make your dream flower cake.

About Delivery & Travel

Do you have same-day delivery? 

Yes, pickup and delivery are available if you order a standard product from our online menu on said day before 4.30PM. For customized orders, we need to know 24 hours prior :)

 How do you deliver?

We use third parties like Dunzo, Qwqr, Porter, etc. If it's a large cake, we send by cab. 

How far do you deliver?

We deliver up to 15 km in our own two-wheeler. Beyond that, cab or pickup are the viable options. 

Can I pick a specific delivery time?

Owing to many contingencies like weather, traffic, etc, we cannot promise a specific delivery time. Our slots are 10 AM-2 PM, 2-6 PM and 6-8 PM. If you still want it to reach at a specific time, please mention that to us on WhatsApp and we’ll accommodate it on a best-effort basis.

Do you deliver outside of Bangalore?

We cannot ship cakes, cupcakes, brownies, etc outside Bangalore. However we can send gift hampers across the country. Please get in touch with us on WhatsApp/call: +91 8861739269 for more details.

Can I travel out of station with your cake?

We have successfully travelled with our cakes on a flight, however one needs to make sure that you are in an air conditioned environment and the cake is not left in direct sunlight.

I am travelling to meet my family. Which dessert would you recommend?

The most sturdy desserts for travel are our brownies. Ooey, gooey and oh-so-yummy!

About Payments

Do you accept international payments?

Yes! We have enabled accepting international payments through PayPal. At checkout, you can complete your payment through the Razorpay portal by going to Wallet, then PayPal. You can complete you payments through your Debit/Credit cards.

Do you accept Cash On Delivery?

No, at the moment, we take pre-payments only, to confirm the order. We do not accept cash on delivery as a payment option. 

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept online payments through credit card, debit card, or net banking through the website. You can also reach out to us on WhatsApp at +91 8861739269 for Google Pay, PayTM, UPI or IMPS options.