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Cute Cake Ideas for your Boyfriend

Wondering what to gift your partner for a special occasion? Whether it be your first anniversary, the day they confessed to you, your first date or even the time you both shared your first kiss, we’ve got you covered.

As usual, like for any other blog, we all sat down to put together ideas from our own experiences and *ahem* maybe spill some interesting tea about our lives too. So, here is our master list from all the days we have celebrated before!

1. Customisable Bento Cake:

Our most favourite and go to one on the list! Bento cakes are the most trending cakes today! It is a petite-sized dessert packaged in takeout boxes. It’s pretty, delicious & yummlicious. The lunch box cake and the container adds charm to the appeal. Whether your dessert is classic circular-shaped or heart-shaped, the elegancy will never be compromised. Oh and also if your wallet is in a bit of a pinch and you still wish to celebrate, this is what we recommend. Customise it your cute way and celebrate with the perfect portion size for two.

2. Piñata Heart Cake:  

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Nearing your monthiversary or your first anniversary? There’s no better way to express your love than our heart-shaped piñata cake. With a delectable-looking dark chocolate shell on top, the cake comes with a hammer that will let you both relive your childhood fantasies of smashing a cake open. The external shell also lets your boyfriend know that he has a heart of gold (or a heart dusted with gold 😉). The chocolate truffle cake inside the shell will keep you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Order now to get smashing 😏

3. Photo Rolling Cake:

photo rolling cake. cakes. eggless. chocolate cake. cakes for boyfriend. cute cakes. photo cake. memory cake. dream a dozen

Been with your partner for a while and think you have exhausted all the gifts you can give? We think not!! Have you ever thought of taking your boyfriend down the memory lane? Have pictures of him being cute or embarrassing? Or better yet, any photos of him sleeping in awkward positions? Send in your photos to, order here and let us handle the rest. What’s better? You can add this on to your wall of memory with some fairy lights to go with after finishing up the cake! ;)

4. Red Velvet Romance Cake: 

red velvet cake. romance. cute cakes for him. cakes for boyfriend. girlfriends. eggless cakes. Bangalore. dream a dozen

If you want to express how strongly you feel for your boyfriend, we recommend you gift him our Red Velvet Romance. Frosted with traditional cream cheese, its soft and moist deep red cake layers will definitely remind you of moments you first met and felt reluctant to even spend a second apart. Who said you can only celebrate your deep love on Valentine’s Day? Order away today and give him the cake of his dreams!

5. Chocolate weds Hazelnut Cake:

chocolate cake. eggless cakes. cakes for him. boyfriends. girlfriends. best gifts, best cakes. Anniversary. love. cute. romantic gifts

Looking for a subtle way to tell him you’re ready to take the next step? This is what we finally came up with after multiple dissents of “This is too obvious!” from our team. Chocolate and Hazelnut are truly a match made in heaven. So are you both! However, he'll never find out unless he looks closely at our personalised note, which mentions the cake's name. Even if he did not catch on (which is very likely, cause men 🙄), you’ll still be able to enjoy our delicious chocolate sponge cake filled with homemade hazelnut praline and crunchy, toasted hazelnut. 

We hope this list helped you, even a bit, in narrowing down your options. Whatever you are celebrating, we hope you have an amazing time. At Dream a Dozen, we are pretty big on celebrating love in all forms, so we would also love to hear back from you if you did decide to go ahead with these! Text us his reaction, and if you went with Chocolate Weds Hazelnut, let us know if the hint was too subtle to catch on 😉

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