Finding a GF (Guest Post)

Finding a GF (Guest Post)

Guest Post by the one and only - Ruthuparna Sharma


Ruthuparna Sharma is an author, tedx speaker and a wonderer. He aims to help people dream Big & Bold. He makes people realise their potential and also helps them execute action towards every dream of theirs. He has interacted with more than 25,000+ people across the country through his thoroughly enjoyable sessions. He has written two books - "In the Rhythm of Silence" in English and "Life Super Guruu" in Kannada.

Personally, Ruthu has been an inspiration since I was in college. He has a knack for story-telling and the first story he told me was how he bumped into a school principal at a mall on purpose - to show her his brochures because he was unable to meet with her in any other way. I thought to myself, why, here's a hustler. Five years, 2 books later and hundreds of successful sessions later - he's agreed to write on my blog and I couldn't be more honoured.

Also, if you have 15 minutes today - I'd urge you too listen to his Ted Talk :)


Tadaaa!!!! I’m here today after hacking Megna’s profile. I’m here to share an important message with all of you regarding my GF, Megna! Yesss!!! Didn’t Megna tell you about this?

Let me introduce myself first, I’m Ruthuparna Sharma from Bengaluru, an aspiring entrepreneur, an author and a speaker who loves to motivate people around me.


Coming to today’s important message, “It is essential for all of us to have a GF”

A GF makes life fun, beautiful and interesting! The one whom you can quarrel with, have lots of arguments with, the one who can support you, who can be there when needed and also appreciate for the milestones we achieve. GF is the one who doesn’t feel jealous when you achieve a milestone but the one who gets inspired as you grow. Yes!!! GF is essential in everyone’s life! GF is “Growth Friend”, a partner for your Growth and I’m so blessed that it is Megna for me.

Here’s the story of how we met, how we inspire each other and how one’s there for another...

We studied at Christ University, I was doing my masters and she was doing her! When I heard that there was going to be a club that was going to be opened for entrepreneurship, I was thrilled to be a part of it. When the first meet was called, there were hardly very few people who had a couple of business ideas and the execution of it looked not so practical... Never the less, I made myself clear that I’m gonna be a part of this club no matter what as I had clearly decided that entrepreneurship is going to be the way ahead for me!

I met Megna here. An enterprising lady who’s thoughts were very practical, her dreams and actions synced. She was polite and was happy to hear to everyone’s ideas. A girl who had fire in her eyes and wanted to make everyone celebrate through her idea of cupcakes...

She had participated in multiple events of entrepreneurship, had pitched her ideas at investor pitches and what impressed me the most was she also used to bring her cupcakes to sell it at our college canteen every week!

Our friendship began on that day with the objective of supporting each other in the journey of entrepreneurship and till date she’s the only person I remember from that club. Thanks to our teacher Anusha, who connected us.

Many friendships get over after college but ours started getting stronger after that. From then, till date, it’s been 5 years and our conversation revolves only around business of each other and our future in business! We’ve appreciated each other for our new initiatives, shared a couple of stages where we’ve shared our stories to people and we also have big dreams!!!

Friendships like these are a blessing in life.

When we connect to people for a purpose, we either get very close to them and forget the objective or we forget the friendship after the objective is met.

I call Megna as my growth friend because our conversation has been simple, restricted to our growth and also the most beautiful thing is we’ve never wasted a single minute gossiping about anybody.

Many times in life, especially in entrepreneurship, there will be times when we feel lonely, there will be times when we feel what I am doing this for, there will be times when we feel why should we take all the stress, there will be times when we feel why should we risk, there will be times where nothing will be going your way and during these moments, a growth friend will be a boon to talk with. They will surely not let you quit and will be on your side. These friendships are a great accompaniment in the journey of your dreams.

Such friendships aren't about talking everyday, they are about cherishing when needed and it is about the confidence we get when we know that nothing is going to happen when I have a growth friend...

So, do you have one? If Yes, tag them and thank them. If not, be one for somebody and they will definitely be one to you as well...

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