5 Ways to Celebrate a Fabulous Birthday Party on a Budget

5 Ways to Celebrate a Fabulous Birthday Party on a Budget

Have you ever had a birthday party and wished that it could have been even more fun? We, at Dream a Dozen, believe that we should make the most out of every event, and that is why every gathering we have will be accompanied by tons of planning beforehand. With all the expenses of planning, decorating, cooking for a big bash, and the insane price tags today 🙃, it can be hard to plan a budget-friendly party that won't break the bank and our sanity. But with some clever money-saving strategies we have compiled from our experience, you can make your next birthday bash memorable—and still leave room in your wallet (to spend on us, hopefully, 😉). Okay, here you go! Our trustworthy strategies!!

1. Start with Budget-friendly, Party Invitations:

A great way to get your party started on the right foot and keep it going strong is by sending out fun, budget-friendly invitations. You can do this in a number of ways. Take the help of an online website like Paperless Post to include a budget for the party and track RSVP in the invitation itself. This will help you stay organised and prevent guests from spending more than they should on gifts and food (which we'll discuss later). Or, you can follow our footsteps and use the new WhatsApp poll option to confirm your friends’ presence easily. If you meet with them often, we recommend you make your invitations handwritten, and personalised letters with a yes or no response card attached so that you can confirm their presence at your party and help plan better!

2. Choose a Budget-friendly Theme:


A great way to cut costs is by choosing a theme that can be easily transformed into a party. A simple choice would be "pink" or "princess," but these themes are overdone and don't offer much in the way of decorations or food options.
Choose something more inventive and unique! Here are some ideas:
  • Based on your favourite book, like Harry Potter, all of you can play your version of Quidditch and/or have a section of your wall that looks like platform 9 ¾ for taking photos.
  • A specific location where you've travelled (like Goa or Paris). This is a great idea cause you can take a trip down memory lane just by selecting some photos, taking some colour printouts of the same and stapling them to strips of satin ribbons.

3. Have a Potluck Party: 

To plan a potluck party, start by listing the items you need. You can ask friends to bring the following:

  • Drinks (beer, wine or milkshake)
  • One dish that serves at least 4-6 people (think nachos)
  • A dessert recipe that serves 8-10 people (think brownies and cupcakes, hopefully from us)

Once you have your list of items and recipes, send it out to everyone who will be attending the party so they know what to bring. It's also helpful if each person brings an ingredient for their dish so there is no confusion when cooking time comes around! Remember that some allergies may come into play when choosing foods--check with guests ahead of time so no one feels left out of the festivities.

Potlucks are great because they allow everyone at your event a chance to contribute something unique and special without having too much pressure put on you!’

4. Plan a Picnic at a Local Park or Beach:

If you're looking to save on costs but still want to throw a birthday party, a picnic is the perfect solution. You can bring along your own food and drinks, which will save money on having to buy them at the park or beach. If you want to go all out with this theme, get some picnic baskets and blankets from home goods stores like Reliance French or even the new IKEA! Then try making some fun foods like sandwiches or salads that are easy to transport in their containers. You could also bring along some games like monopoly (if there's room)! Make sure not to forget about music. Headbanging to your favourite music is an important part of a good birthday party! 

5. Choose us for Frost Your Own Cupcake Competition:

This is our tried-and-tested method for absolute chaos and laughter. Our corporate staff had a blast cracking up at their terribly frosted cupcakes due to their unsteady hands. Who knows? You might even discover your inner baker, which we would love to see. So, if you are interested in making your guests frost their own cupcakes, hit us up at +91 88617 39269, and we'll help you out to the best of our abilities.

With these smart money-saving tips, you can have a fabulous birthday party for less!

Focus on the fun, not the cost. Use your imagination and be creative! Make a list of all the things that make you happy and see what you can do with them. Keep it simple and use what you already have—it's often better than buying new stuff anyway! And most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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Get Nowmeans find a new and better leader within yourself, for yourself.” “Some do not want to create rich experiences for others, others lack the ability to do so, but most just want to experience being rich, with little to no other experience.”

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